Gregory Stanley gives mortgages to people of ALL ages

“The Alternative” is a mortgage that is often the very best option for anyone of any age – meaning you may be over age 55 or over OR under age 55 – it is the most flexible mortgage product in the Canada’s mortgage marketplace. The cost to ‘leave’ known as a prepayment penalty is the lowest in Canada. Did you know that most Canadian Charter Banks give their customers mortgage that often have huge pre-payment penalty? It is true. Sometimes when you choose to leave your current Bank – prior to when your mortgage matures – they will charge you a penalty. If you are one of the lucky ones then your penalty will be 3 months interest penalty (an amount equal to your interest charged to you over the last 3 months) but ‘The Alternative’ plan costs $100 to leave – at anytime.

‘The Alternative’ is capable of mimicking a reverse mortgage if you want it too – Gregory can customize it so you can get a loan that is ‘payment free’ (similar to that of a reverse mortgage) at a LOWER interest rate than a traditional reverse mortgage. This product has more flexibility with pre-payment penalties because it is a specialized line of credit that can ‘waive’ the need to make monthly mortgage payments whenever your loan balance is LESS than 50% of the value of your home.

Finally, it is designed so you can enjoy the LOWEST EFFECTIVE rate of interest possible. And even use it as a banking account. It will even organize your debt automatically so all credit/debit that has more expensive interest costs is paid off with cheaper mortgage rate dollars. It is a very interesting product that people of all ages can enjoy!

If you received a mailer from Gregory Stanley and you are under age 55 then call Gregory Stanley 1866-658-0492 for FREE TELEPHONE mortgage consultation.

Quick Facts:

You get more money! You can be any age to get one! The interest rate in “The Alternative” charges less than a traditional reverse mortgage – and most any other mortgage product in Canada. Very low set-up costs – less than any other product in the marketplace. You can use your account for your day to day banking needs. You can make no payments or partial payments anytime you wish.

To qualify you must have average to good credit, and have an income that justifies the size of mortgage you are requesting.The maximum loan you can have before payments are required is 50% of your property’s value. For any loan amount under 50% of appraised value there will be NO monthly mortgage loan repayments necessary. It is not a traditional reverse mortgage and so the loan will be reviewed over time to see if payments are necessary. If you have less than 50% of your house paid off then you will need to make monthly payments (but they are interest only payments). You can pay down your mortgage – at anytime – as many times as you wish monthly or even years! Amazing product.

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