Gregory Stanley’s comments on questions asked to him across Canada during his talks and seminars:

Gregory Stanley a Reverse Mortgage Broker in Canada tours the Country giving educational seminars ( to audiences completely comprised of Financial Advisors and he teaches them on how to use a mortgage broker to ‘unlock’ the home equity in homes to create additional cash flow for clients. Here are a few things that the audiences truly appreciate:

  • If you currently owe a mortgage a Canada Reverse mortgage can pay it off. And you can continue to live, stay and enjoy your home and not be bothered to make any more monthly mortgage repayments. Think of the standard of living that is improved. You have more net income to live on because you have less bills to pay monthly.
  • If you are on a fixed income and could use some extra cash or income the proceeds from a Canada Reverse Mortgage can do that!
  • By unlocking some value from your house you can pay off other higher interest rate debts or debts that ‘drain’ cash flow i.e.. a car loan. Pay off all your bills at once. Again, no monthly repayments to worry about.
  • You can make a payment if you wish to do so! Each year end, right after holidays, many seniors will pay down ‘something’ on their mortgage. They aren’t obligated to … but many do so anyway. This way your loan balance is kept at a minimum. More equity to pass on.
  • You can quit your reverse mortgage Canada loan anytime you wish. There is no charge to do so if you have owned your mortgage for 3 or more years. Gregory will be asking you this question, if you plan to move somewhere else sooner there are better solutions for you.
  • You are always in control of the mortgage. Can choose to stay or leave. Can choose to enjoy maximum access or not bother to access all the available cash to on your pre-approval. You are always in control and always on your terms.
  • It is a major way to fund home nursing care and other medical expenses in Canada. Gregory prefers you consider ‘home care at home’ type services so you can continue to live where you love living for as long as possible.
  • Remember that while your mortgage by just the interest cost of your mortgage loan each year, YOUR HOME is normally increasing its value based on the whole value of the home. What does this mean? It means that most homeowners will see their home equity continue to grow over time.
  • The average Reverse Mortgage in Canada is about $85,000. In Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria and Calgary it is closer to $200,000 or more.
  • The average reverse mortgage is equal to about 1/3 of the home’s current real estate value. Meaning most of your home (66%) is still your home equity left. And, because prices rise over time then the entire house value increases in value whereas only the interest on the loan you actually takes has any interest growth. Meaning? Inheritance, and in great amounts compared to home value, is expected to pass hands – one day – from you to your family. In the meantime, you live without making any mortgage payments. Live better with more disposable income to leave on.
  • Many financial advisors can find ways to increase your current income in better performing investment products from the equity you unlock from your home. The income from such investments can maintain or improve your existing insurance portfolio positions; like critical illness, long term care coverages or even your life insurance or guaranteed final expense life insurance policy.
  • The average borrower who obtains a reverse mortgage keeps it for approximately 10 years.
  • Gregory Stanley – a reverse mortgage expert – doesn’t think you should get a reverse mortgage if you plan to move away permanently or sell your current home.
  • If you move away permanently (nursing home … or someplace ‘more fun’) or sell THREE YEARS after you got our reverse mortgage then there are NO PREPAYMENT fees. When you sell your home the reverse mortgage is paid off from your home proceeds. When a new buyer obtains your lovely home the lawyer’s make – on any purchase agreement – that any existing charges on title are completely paid out.
  • Gregory Stanley can place you into high, predictable, fixed rate returns that are paid monthly. Absolutely wonderful for people with large amounts of funds is LIRA/RRSP or even TSFA plans. Or if you are one of the lucky ones that own your home – outright – and debt free, Gregory can help you too. Many seniors are income poor but asset rich. By unlocking the equity in your home you can have Gregory create additional income for you to live on each month. Speaking to him is on a no obligation basis. A 2nd opinion is always a good thing – no matter what you decide.
  • If you fill in the reply form then you will be able to obtain expert advice. You can speak directly to Gregory Stanley by calling him now. He is friendly to speak to and would love to make sure that you are making the best decision for you.

The ’10 Secrets about Reverse Mortgages’ was written by Gregory Stanley. It has all the information you need, contains helpful explanations for you to review – and even speak to your advisor about/family members. Request your FREE REPORT today.

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