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Gregory B. Stanley CFP CSEC

Gregory B. Stanley Reverse Mortgage Broker

Canada Reverse Mortgage is happy to give you expert & friendly advice.


Average size of a Canada Reverse Mortgage – National $147,000; Toronto $ 275,000  Vancouver $282,000; Victoria 225,000

Average time a client keeps a reverse mortgage for approximately 9.3 years

3,000 – homeowners age 55 or older obtain their first reverse mortgage – each year and every year.

Average size of loan – most reverse mortgage tend to fall between 30% to 38% of ‘whatever your house is worth’.

If you have home equity to which you could say ‘My home is at least 60% paid for’ then you will be approved for a reverse mortgage. Perhaps a lessor amount depending on ‘where’ your house is. But you will be approved.

14% of seniors request ‘more’ funds than just paying an existing mortgage or debt. Meaning they decide to buy a car or a renovation out of their new reverse mortgage proceeds – again, imagine that benefit without the worry of making payments.

Gregory Stanley Reverse Mortgage Broker – whose advice is very much sought after all across Canada. He has conducted many seminars for seniors, seminars for Advisors, a contributing Money Column writer for senior publications, and even been on the Daily Edition television show to help Canadians plan their retirement. He knows the unique needs that seniors face financially and understands the reasons ‘for and against’ having a Canada Reverse Mortgage. Successful and self made – he just wants you to have the right advice and the right solution. He is unbiased in his opinions. He treats everyone ‘like family’ and simply gives the correct advice. Gregory Stanley when asked what the most common client situations said ‘By far, our most common scenario involves retired seniors who have a mortgage and other debts that they simply cannot afford to pay. Our research shows that 54% of Canadians over 65 years of age still have mortgages. In my experience, virtually all of these applicants have multiple debts that they are struggling to pay while living on on fixed incomes. Here are some of them:

1.       Retired widow or widower who has lived in home for decades and for whatever reason has a mortgage and/or other debts. With limited retirement income to either qualify or make payments on a mortgage or line of credit, they are forced to consider selling their homes.

2.       Seniors of retirement age still working just to pay their mortgage and/or other debts

3.       Retiree with health issues requiring in-home care (e.g. Client with Alzheimer’s who only has long-term memories – short-term memory is gone – where moving from the home would be too disruptive)

4.       Retired professionals who do not have traditional pensions and have run out of retirement savings. They have little or no debt, but also cannot afford to enjoy their retirement.

5.       Paying for unplanned expenses (health care, home repairs, supporting family)

6.       Gifting funds to kids/grandkids

Gregory Stanley has over 30 years experience in the Financial Services industry and is uniquely qualified as a mortgage consultant because he is also a trained and Certified Financial Planner. He is friendly, a good listener and good at what he does – getting you the financing you should have – anywhere in Canada as he is networked with brokers from coast to coast.

Gregory is also an ‘advisor to the advisors’ and is on a national speaker circuit teaching others about mortgages including Canada Reverse Mortgages. He is considered a National expert on Canada Reverse Mortgages. If you would like to have your advisor meet Gregory at his next seminar location then have your advisor register at his next speaking engagement ( It is important to him that both you and your advisor get the right solution for you own unique needs. Or, just contact him now.

For most seniors, on fixed incomes, a Canada Reverse Mortgage would be a perfect fit. The main feature being no monthly mortgage payments. Which means that your cash flow will improve from a day to day living point of view. You can use the proceeds from a Canada reverse mortgage to pay off your current mortgage or to pay off other debts. You can really free up allot of cash flow by not needing to make loan payments.

Regardless of your need Gregory approach is always the same. Finds out your objectives and goals first, gathers data so he can develop a successful plan for you, implement that plan and monitor its success with you – as one of his clients.

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Licensed under the Mortgage Brokers Act. Extensive background in finance, insurance and investment products. Certificate in financial planning by The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning and awarded the designation of Chartered Financial Planner. Awarded by the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada to be licensed as a Certified Financial Planner. Certificate from The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration of UBC and the Real Estate Council of BC as a real estate salesman and sub-mortgage broker and through The British Columbia Real Estate Association completed the ‘Applied Real Estate’ course. A member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC. Personal licensed as a real Mortgage Broker (highest possible license in the mortgage industry) in both British Columbia and Alberta. Networked with other Mortgage Brokers across Canada.

Over 30 years in the financial services industry. A licensed Certified Financial Planner able to create estate, retirement, and financial plans for clients. Uses mortgage products to consolidate and refinance current debt financing. Was one of advisors for pension maximization seminar circuit for years, and also author of the 15 Steps to safe private lending which is a guide to investors who want to make a predictable, fixed return on their investments (rather than the ups and downs in the stock market).

Owner, and major shareholder of Home n Work Mortgages Inc. – a well respected mortgage brokerage firm. A company that was listed in The CMP Canadian Mortgage Professional trade magazine as one of the ‘Super Brokers of Canada’. Gregory is also an author of many articles, over the years, in the CMP magazine.

Special Marketing

  • Television Appearances – guest of the Daily Edition Chek 6 program on insurance and estate planning; Rogers Cable on taxation & insurance.
  • Radio guest on CKDA on insurance matters.
  • Contributing writer for the MONEY column – Elder Statesman, Today’s Times, Times-Colonist; Calgary Herald, Saanich News & Island Parent Magazine.
  • Seminar Work – have given numerous seminars to large groups of people, including financial advisors and mortgage brokers.

Hobbies and Personal Interests

Very happily married to his Jessica, and still ‘Papa’ to one little 12 year boy. Others children of his have grown up already. Enjoys the challenge of being a supportive and nurturing parent.

An avid sailor and boater, PADI certified diver,  for the past 25 years, sailing throughout the Pacfic North West from Seattle to Desolation Sound, British Columbia. Since 1992, when he earned his private pilot’s licence he has been flying throughout Canada and the United States, while being a member of the Victoria Flying Club – a club whose members own over a dozen aircraft that we can use anytime. His next interest is learning to fly Gyrocopters (Google ‘arrowcopter’ if curious)

Past Director of the Cordova Bay Association – 2 terms – it is a group responsible for reviewing subdivision, zoning, and other community issues affecting the public in municipality of Saanich in the prestigious Cordova Bay region. Past Director – 2 terms – PWC Parents Who Care Society that was very active in the 80’s and 90’s in Victoria and Vancouver.

He enjoys instructing other mortgage brokers with the knowledge he has learned over his extensive years in the financial services industry.