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Canada Mortgage Consultant – Obtain the Best Mortgage Rate in Canada for your Mortgage Canada Refinance, Mortgage Canada, Home Equity loans, or bad credit Mortgage Canada loan. Well respected Canadian mortgage brokerage firm focuses on getting you the best rate (lowest effective rate possible) AND lowest pre-payment penalties if break n run early from a mortgage contract. Most people don’t realize how expensive their current bank can be – until you want to leave them. Or, the poor rate a Bank may offer you on their renewal to you. Some penalties can by as low as $100 (one hundred dollars) to leave – at anytime. Don’t fall into the trap of a so called ‘best rate’ to only find the Bank grabbing big penalty fees if you leave them early. For those with damaged credit we offer the best solutions possible. Seriously, look at this site!

Go! Mortgage Broker Canada – Help for the tough deals! Poor or bad credit welcome! Canada debt consolidation loan, Home Equity Loans, Canada Debt Loan, Second mortgage Canada and advice on Reverse Canada mortgages, mortgage Canada.

Mortgage Swap – A Canadian Mortgage Swap is used by both borrowers and private mortgage investors. If you are a borrower, with a proven record of no late payments/NSF fees in your previous private mortgage (either a 1st or 2nd mortgage registered against your home) then there are private investors that will want you! We can reduce costs for you for any renewal and present you accordingly, as a person that is responsible and is on a set plan to move from private money to conventional lending! You are proving that you are on track to go back to conventional lending again. We know that everyone can have a bump in the road as in ‘bad things do happen to good people’ and we are here to help you. Mortgage Swap also is there for private investors to meet ‘good’ clients that need a temporary help, usually 10-12 months, before paying you out. You will earn a high, predictable income – paid monthly. You will feel good knowing you are helping good people – all overseen by a well respected mortgage broker. Making sure that everyone is in a win-win situation.