Home Equity Loan in Victoria

The most important thing for anyone is to strive for better life. It means you have a good job, savings, personal home and vehicle. You must have time for leisure and trips in your life. So the time you spent in earning should also affect the quality of life in a positive way. You and your family must have good living, and you have done that. You are having a very nice home and the retirement time arrives. The retirement doesn’t mean an end to life but a New Beginning! Your house can earn you best Home Equity Loan in entire Victoria BC, and it is a great deal.

Property values of soared in Victoria, to the point that many homeowners are shocked with the greatly increase equity in their homes.

A reverse mortgage is a perfect solution for all those senior citizens who want to have a relaxed life. The mortgage is based on the market value of your beautiful home, and you are free for paying back it in monthly installments. There are dozens of reserve mortgage companies operating in Victoria BC but none of these have matched the quality of service that “Canada Reverse Mortgage” is providing.

We give mortgage loans to seniors. We provide a home equity loan to people age 55 or older.  Then the mortgage is calculated on the basis of the current market value of your home, and the future prospects of growth in its price.

A reverse mortgage can act as a home equity loan and usually is about 30% of a home’s value. No need to have good income or good credit as the lender agrees that your home has great equity and the long term prospects is that the home values will only continue over time to rise and rise. This is because Victoria is considered one of the best places to live in Canada – mild winters and warm enjoyable summers.

The home equity loan is available to every person who is 55 years or above. And you don’t even need good credit or income to be approved. And the rate is liken to a regular Chartered Canadian bank’s posted rates or less.

Do you live in Victoria or on Vancouver Island? We specialize in giving people the very best rates possible.

It is important us for to know ‘your dream’ and why are you wanting a loan in the first place. To enjoy life more and in more comfort. We earn your business because we give advice that offers comfort. You’ll feel secure and safe knowing you are getting an opinion from a well respected mortgage broker that will the right lender, right product and right solution.