Chip Reverse Mortgage Montreal

Best CHIP Reverse Mortgage Providers in Montreal!

Montreal is a big place to start a job or to run a business, and it is equally difficult to buy or built a house here. The prices of property, labor, and raw material are quite high but that doesn’t mean nobody has a house of his own here. You can build a house with a mortgage process or simply buy an already built one. Then there is a specific plan named as CHIP means Canadian Home Investment Plan for all those people who want to use their homes for financial purposes. CHIP Reverse Mortgage in Montreal and other towns are best provided by only few lending institutes.

If you ask e about a good lending institute then I would like to ask you about your age. If you are a person who has retired or soon to be, means you are around 55 years and above then the best lending place is “Canada Reverse Mortgage”. It is providing CHIP Reverse Mortgage with least terms and conditions. If you doubt my claim then you can consult the chief financial consultant here named Gregory Stanley. He has numerous financial researches to his credit and a genius person to convince you for CHIP Mortgage.

Canada Reverse Mortgage is doing all great as a landing institute which is prioritizing senior citizens of Canada. They have served a number of clients with CHIP Reverse Mortgage in Montreal. You need to have your own home with a good market value that is subject to rise with passing years. Then you can apply for CHIP Reverse Mortgage with least documents. You have to decide the chip mortgage plan for numbers of years that suits you. The maximum percentage that a lender will offer over the house is 40%. It varies with the area, size and the future capacity of raise in market price.

Once you are ready to get CHIP Reserve Mortgage in Montreal then there is no other lending institute that is beating the service record of Canada Reverse Mortgage. You will be able to pay your old mortgage, and even make best changes in your home with the amount you receive as a CHIP Mortgage. You can invest at a good place and the best thing is the no payment method. You are not supposed to pay a single penny for the time period that you have got the CHIP Reverse Mortgage.

You can call Canada Reverse Mortgage for further details about CHIP Reverse Mortgage in Montreal and for other towns as well. Call on all working days and get a chance to have direct chat with Gregory Stanley commonly known as “Greg” in the financial world. Call on the toll free number: 1-866-658-0492.

Our company has referred millions of dollars of reverse mortgage business to CHIP … which is also known as HomeEquity Bank. We are the only mortgage broker – nationally – that we know that can provide solutions for (1) CHIP and (2) large pension companies that mimic many features of a reverse mortgage.

Greg Stanley is the president of Home n Work Mortgages, author of ‘The Lemming Effect’ and professional seminar speaker on money, financial and mortgages issues. He is both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a licensed mortgage broker. From his financial planning point of view Greg Stanley CFP likes CHIP because it offers a chance to improve household cashflow and thereby better current ‘lifestyle’ needs for those retired. Greg was surprised 15 years ago when he noticed that a very large number of seniors (percentage of) still have mortgage balances oustanding well into their 60, 70’s and even 80’s. This is at a time when most seniors live on limited and fixed incomes. Here is why a CHIP or reverse mortgage makes sense across Canada – which is available throughout Quebec and especially a city like Montreal and its surrounding urban areas – CHIP’s reverse mortgage product allows seniors to trade a conventional outstanding balance of their current mortgage with one that has no mortgage payment at all! Meaning you still stay in the home, still own the home, and still have a mortgage … but this CHIP mortgage comes with the special feature that no mortgage payment is required for the rest of your lives (if you stay in the home; if you move away or sell it then the debt is repaid at that time). Imagine your current mortgage and other debts all paid off without the need to make another payments towards paying off debt. How would it feel to finally have ALL your high interest debt instantly paid off and have enough tax free monthly income to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle?