Chip Mortgage Loan Program

The opportunities for growth, prosperity and for financial freedom and security are numerous. All you need is to search for the options that are best in your interest, and you will find many things even if you are a retired person. The CHIP Mortgage Loan Program is a ray of hope for all those seniors who are 55 or above of age. The best thing with this program is the hassle free scrutiny, and the ease of not paying the monthly installments. So it just suits everyone and especially the senior citizens who want to invest in something, and do lots of repairs to their personal homes.

Make Best Changes in Your Home with CHIP Mortgage!!

CHIP Mortgage Loan Program is a very accommodating kind of scheme that has started in the entire Canada. The CHIP stands for Canadian Home Income Plan means a mortgage that involves the market value of a home as the lending base. The Home Equity is calculated and if it has worth in the current market, and a value is supposed to rise in future then you can easily get CHIP Mortgage. The services of Canada Reverse Mortgage cannot be ignored due to their specific attention to senior citizens of the country. These guys are looking for all those eligible applicants who carry a personal home, to provide the services of CHIP Mortgage Loan Program. The best thing with the financial experts of Canada Reverse Mortgage like the renowned “Gregory Stanley” is the clear cut guidance to all clients. Then the service criterion is all based on Customer Care and Politeness! When you are dealing with senior citizens of 55 or above then you have to be really patient, and listen to every single query with caution. Afterwards the convincing of people with so much experience is a Real JOB. But a great expert like Gregory Stanley does it very well. He is the real asset of “Canada Reverse Mortgage”, and he has successfully handled even the complex cases for CHIP Mortgage Loan Program.

Once done with the property value of your home, and analyzing the credit scores and the overall financial status. Canada Reverse Mortgage will get you a maximum of 40% equity value on your home in the category of Home Equity Loan Program. You can use this money for refurnishing your home, pay some old mortgage bills. Then you can think of making an investment into a sound business or the profit schemes of any good bank.

The percentage of CHIP mortgage will remain the same but the market price of your property will rise, and you l get extra money even paying the 40% of the selling money to Canada Reverse Mortgage after five or ten years. Call on their toll free number: 1-866-658-0492.

We are the only mortgage broker – nationally – that we know that can provide solutions for (1) CHIP and (2) large pension companies that mimic many features of a reverse mortgage. A CHIP mortgage loan program is quite special because any senior that has enough home equity can obtain this reverse mortgage regardless of both income and credit rating. In contract pension or Insurance companies require both good income and good credit. Our company has referred millions of dollars of reverse mortgage business to CHIP … which is also known as HomeEquity Bank or the CHIP mortgage loan program. Greg Stanley is the president of Home n Work Mortgages, author of ‘The Lemming Effect’ and professional seminar speaker on money, financial and mortgages issues.

From his financial planning point of view Gregory Stanley likes CHIP because it offers a chance to improve household cashflow and thereby better current ‘lifestyle’ needs for those retired. A very large number of seniors (percentage of) still have mortgage balances oustanding well into their 60, 70’s and even 80’s. This is at a time when most seniors live on limited and fixed incomes. Here is why a CHIP or reverse mortgage makes sense across Canada: a CHIP reverse mortgage allows seniors to trade their balance of their current traditional mortgage with one that has no mortgage payment at all! Meaning you still stay in the home, still own the home, and still have a mortgage … but this CHIP mortgage comes with the special feature that no mortgage payment is required for the rest of your lives (if you stay in the home; if you move away or sell it then the debt is repaid at that time). Imagine your current mortgage and other debts all paid off without the need to make another payments towards paying off debt.