Chip Home Loan Program

The ultimate goals that keep you motivated in your jobs or business are to acquire a quality life for you and your loved ones. The details may vary but everyone wants to earn for better education of his kids, buying a nice car and having a Dream HOME! This is all realistic and does well for everyone but just on the verge of retirement makes people think about the future financial security, and the kind of life ahead. Here comes the best use of CHIP Home Loan Program from some of the best lending institutes of Canada! CHIP is an abbreviation of “Canadian Home Income Plan” which is doing all great for the betterment of senior citizens. Here I would like to clarify that most of lending institutes does offer a generic program but the CHIP Home Loan Program by Canada Reverse Mortgage is unique in many way. It is all designed to serve the best interests of senior citizens. All those who have turned 55 years of age or fall above that are eligible for CHIP Home Loan services by our mortgage house.

Use the CHIP Program for the Best Future Investments!

Canada Reverse Mortgage has made a great name in the market by following different trends, and then catering senior citizens for CHIP Home Loan Program, and at very easy terms and conditions. All you require to apply for CHIP Home Loan is to have a home of your own, with a reasonable market rate. Then financial experts of Canada Reverse Mortgage will visit the actual site and observe the current price trends of house in that locality, and they will also calculate the future price hike.

After making a satisfactory amount of research, they will sanction you CHIP Home loan depending on the expected rise in price. The percentage of home loan varies from 10% to 40%, depending on your choice, current market price, and the age of the applicant. The best thing with CHIP program is that it gives an opportunity to you to get a good amount of money, and you are not supposed to repay it in installments but you will receive the CHIP Home Loan in that way instead.

The functioning of “Canada Reverse “ is all through the same, and being a senior citizens you are provided with money by CHIP home loan program, and you can repay your previous mortgage, fix many things in your home. You can invest the remaining amount in any other good project from where you can generate a good amount of profit. The CHIP Program has served millions of people all over Canada, and the process is ongoing. So don’t waste time and call us for making a home loan deal on toll free number: 1-866-658-0492.

Our company has referred millions of dollars of reverse mortgage business to CHIP … which is also known as HomeEquity Bank or the CHIP home loan program. We are the only mortgage broker – nationally – that we know that can provide solutions for (1) CHIP and (2) large pension companies that mimic many features of a reverse mortgage. Greg Stanley is the president of Home n Work Mortgages, author of ‘The Lemming Effect’ and professional seminar speaker on money, financial and mortgages issues. He is both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a licensed mortgage broker.

From his financial planning point of view Gregory Stanley CFP likes CHIP because it offers a chance to improve household cashflow and thereby better current ‘lifestyle’ needs for those retired. Gregory noticed that a very large number of seniors (percentage of) still have mortgage balances oustanding well into their 60, 70’s and even 80’s.

This is at a time when most seniors live on limited and fixed incomes. Here is why a CHIP or reverse mortgage makes sense across Canada – A CHIP reverse mortgage allows seniors to trade their balance of their current traditional mortgage with one that has no mortgage payment at all!

Meaning you still stay in the home, still own the home, and still have a mortgage … but this CHIP mortgage comes with the special feature that no mortgage payment is required for the rest of your lives (if you stay in the home; if you move away or sell it then the debt is repaid at that time).

Imagine your current mortgage and other debts all paid off without the need to make another payments towards paying off debt. How would it feel to finally have ALL your high interest debt instantly paid off and have enough tax free monthly income to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle?