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We are Canada’s 1st choice for reverse mortgages in Canada for information and customer service. You can obtain FREE OF CHARGE an information package that will tell you how much you can get from a reverse mortgage in Canada. We give this to you on a no obligation basis. It is free for you to look at and consider.

If this is your first time here, welcome! Please come back as many times as you wish to read the reverse mortgage Canadian articles or send in a question to our Canadian reverse mortgage expert Gregory Stanley. He is friendly and easy to talk to, and he will tell you whether or not a Canada reverse mortgage is right for you.

We encourage you to use our site with your family, friends or your financial advisor. If you send in your name and email address to us we will be able to send you a no obligation personalized information package (free of charge). We look forward to helping you make a decision on Canadian reverse mortgages; and this is how we help you to do so:

  • If you ask us to contact you, then we will within 1 or 2 hours. We will contact you by email or by phone depending on the question that you write to us.
  • We are licensed mortgage brokers and we have the ability to access dozens of mortgage lenders across Canada. We broker all types of mortgages; including Canada reverse mortgages.
  • Being mortgage brokers give us a competitive edge over the Banks. A bank will only show you their product only. We will show you the best product from the best lender in Canada. We guarantee the best rates. Always. We can obtain a better deal for you than if you went to a lender directly. We guarantee that you will get the very best rate from directly dealing with us.
  • We don’t charge you anything for obtaining a reverse mortgage Canada loan from us. We are paid from the lender directly. Our services are free to you!
  • We will tell you whether or not you are eligible for a reverse mortgage Canada loan and more importantly we will tell you whether this mortgage product is really the right one for you.
  • Sometimes a reverse mortgage for a Canadian senior is not the right solution. For some seniors with very high net worth, great income and amazing credit rating, a line of credit or Hybrid LOC would be a wiser choice. And we can do that for you. Again, free of charge! The lender pays us directly for our services at no cost to you.
  • However, most seniors, especially those living on fixed pension incomes, a reverse mortgage really makes allot of sense. It is the best choice for them because they do not need to make any monthly mortgage repayments; they can pay off other debts and improve their monthly budget and cash flow.
  • If you send in the form above, you will be sent an ‘information package’ based on your house’s location and your age. This information service is FREE OF CHARGE. We can tell you the approximate value of your home based on your postal code – we have a computer system that tells us values of properties across Canada based on recent real estate sales history. Our free information package will tell you ‘how much’ of a reverse mortgage in Canada that you are eligible for. The reverse mortgage information package is given to you on a no-obligation basis.
  • After receiving your information quote; if you would like to obtain a reverse mortgage then we will have a reverse mortgage representative come see you; and any other family, friend or advisor that you may wish to attend.
  • Upon making your final decision we will ask you to obtain your own independent legal advice from your own lawyer. Costs for this can be paid from mortgage proceeds upon closing. The important thing is that we can promise you that every question will be answered and we will send documents for your lawyer to review. It is extremely important to us that everyone knows how a Canada reverse mortgage works – truly an amazing product that benefits seniors across Canada obtain cash from their home equity. And that is by using it … and letting your home equity work for you.
  • We would be pleased to work with your own personal financial advisor or one that we can introduce you to … to show you how you can create monthly income and increase and improve your financial well being.
  • It is easy to get a Canada Reverse Mortgage; and every step of the way we will be there to answer every question that you may have about reverse mortgages. We’ll show you how to create income and improve your standard of living.

Your health, income or credit
is not a factor.

No upfront costs.
Loans are tax-free.

Does not affect Old Age Security or
Guaranteed Income Supplement

Your debt is repaid
only when you move or sell.

Are you Under the Age of 55?

The Alternative is the best option for anyone of any age – meaning you may be over OR under age 55 – who wants more funds being ‘payment free’ at a lower interest rate than a traditional reverse mortgage.

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Gregory B. Stanley CFP CSEC

Gregory B. Stanley CFP CSEC

Gregory Stanley CFP CSEC, is both a licensed Mortgage Broker and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) whose advice is very much sought after all across Canada. He has conducted many seminars for seniors, seminars for Advisors, a contributing Money Column writer for senior publications, and even been on the Daily Edition television show to help Canadians plan their retirement. Two term – past director for the Parents Who Care Society (providing financial solutions to families that needed help) all Pro-Bono. He understands the financial needs of people – the ones that have money (that can lend to others) and the ones that need money (borrowers pay off debt and improve cash flow). He wants to help you. Give him a call today.